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Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do

We are respectful about the environment and want to share our way of life with others through our brand. With that in mind, we wanted to build something that lasts for future generations and create products that bring joy with minimal impact on our planet.

This not only happens out in the vineyard but in all aspects of the winery and distillery. Our custom bottle and packaging were designed with sustainability at the forefront, an ideology of reuse rather than recycle being our commitment to making a difference.

Reusable aluminium bottles

We are the first drinks producer to use a reusable aluminium bottles for both Wine and Spirits.

Our unique aluminium bottle is designed to be returned, cleaned and reused rather than traditional glass which is discarded after a single use. This results in a smaller carbon footprint as it means we save on the large amount of energy needed to produce or recycle bottles. As the bottle can be reused multiple time, the savings increase every time you return your bottle. Being made of aluminium not only makes the bottle lightweight and durable, safer and lighter to transport, but it is also quicker to chill and will hold its temperature longer once out of the fridge.

The swing top closure is also reusable. More importantly it keeps the fizz in our sparkling wine longer due to resealing the bottle and you don’t miss out on the satisfying “pop” when you open it.

Our box is cleverly designed using recycled material with a touch of luxury to deliver our product to you. However it has a more important function, once you have enjoyed the bottle simply pop it back in the box and return it to us at no cost (postage paid) so that we can clean and reuse the bottle and box, thus using less packaging and producing less waste. To say thank you we will give you a voucher to get money off your next purchase, thus saving you money and helping save the planet.

If you accidentally discarded or lose you packaging then get in touch and we will send out a replacement. It’s important to keep the bottles returning!

Our Vineyard, Winery and Distillery

Mallard Point is a small farm winery and distillery in the heart of Rutland. Built on the principal of practical sustainability, a small reminder to be a good guest on the Earth, cherish its resources and tread lightly, as other creatures do.

Wildflower strips at the top and bottom of the vineyards hum with pollinators in the summer. Always seen and heard are the hares, pheasants and English partridge who have made homes here, along with the migrating swallows and bats which swoop majestically along the willow lined river bank through day and night. Truly tranquil and achieved thankfully with doing little other than respecting the habitat they love.

Water is a key resource at Mallard Point and it comes from a borehole which is used for everything. From making our spirits, cooling our stills, cleaning our tanks and equipment to drinking and even in the loos. Rainwater is also collected in tanks and used in the vineyard for spraying and for the cattle to drink.

There is a conscious effort to reduce spraying at the vineyard and insecticides are not used.  Mechanical weeding machinery has replaced the use of herbicides on the ground and for our new plantings we have planted cover crops of mixed vetches, legumes and clovers that enrich the soils organic matter further and provide green manure.

Planting PIWI varieties also means reduced spraying due to their resistance to Mildews and Botrytis and regular crop walks enable us to spot spray rather than blanket apply. Spraying occurs if conditions require it rather than because the vines are at growth stage and we don’t spray if the disease pressure is not there.

As the vines shed their leaves and return to dormancy our sheep tend the vineyard for winter and early spring. They delicately nibble around the vines and fertilise them, causing less damage than tractors and leaving the vineyard clean, tidy and nourished for the next season.

Our winery grape waste is utilised a stone’s throw away as feed for our Hereford Cattle, who provide manure thus completing the cycle. Likewise our distillery by-products are composted for use in the vineyard and our gardens.

These are some of the processes we practice as part of our ethics. As we continue our journey new practices and technology will be put in place as we continuously search to do better, for ourselves and future generations.

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Our box is cleverly designed using recycled material, once you have enjoyed the bottle simply pop it back in the box and return it to us at no cost so that we can clean and reuse the bottle and box, thus using less packaging and producing less waste – and in return, we will give you a “thank you” off your next purchase.

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