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The dream of starting a distillery and vineyard has been a hot topic of conversation between Andy and Fi since touring Australian vineyards in their early 20’s. When they got back from their travels rather than building their dream they went back to their day jobs in the events industry. This meant long hours, lots of travelling and making other people’s dreams happen, but not theirs, yet.

Then in 2012 they bought Church Farm which had the potential as a vineyard and things began to change. After multiple tests, soil samples and a daughter the dream started to become a reality.

In April 2019 Mallard Point was conceived. The first vines were planted and work began on creating the inhouse distillery and winery. As the vines were tendered and nurtured, 3 years of hard work ensued - designing bottles, packaging, creating gins and mountains of paperwork all whilst looking after a young daughter and running an events business.

Then in 2022, a record breaking year for English wine, Mallard Point Vineyard and Distillery was launched with a range of gins and two successful vintages. It has been a long journey, nearly 20 years, but this is just the start of the adventure.

Our Vineyard

Andy is our Vigneron (Vineyard Worker) and winemaker. He does not come from a winemaking dynasty but has an agricultural background. He however is passionate about wine and vinology that stemmed from those early trips to Australia.

The family run estate is home to nearly 15,000 cool climate vines,  grown for premium still and sparkling wines. Comprising of Bacchus, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir. Recently two PIWI varieties were planted, Sauvignac and Cabernet Jura, the latter being one of the first commercial plantings in the UK.

Our vines are tendered to by the family throughout the year and all our fruit is handpicked and taken to our onsite winery. Here pressing and fermenting is undertaken, naturally using wild yeast cultured in the vineyard prior to harvest. We are a single estate field to bottle operation, each step in our wine production is carried out onsite giving us complete provenance and traceability. Our focus is on creating expressive, fruit driven wines through minimal intervention, letting the grapes do the talking.

Our Distillery

Fi, our owner and distiller is not a Master Distiller with numerous credentials from Heriot Watt. She is self-taught, fuelled by memories of touring Speyside distilleries as a child and a passion for ingredients as a farmer’s daughter.

When not being a mum she runs the distillery, which features cutting-edge technology that uses up to 75% less energy than a traditional copper still. This automation gives us complete control over the spirits production process, meaning we can recreate the same handcrafted recipes time after time. Fi takes her inspiration from the flavour profiles of our still and sparkling wines. All our spirits are blended with natural mineral water drawn from the aquifer which runs below the distillery.

We strive to utilise the most sustainable production techniques and materials in producing our drinks. This coupled with our innovative returnable bottles is a step towards the sustainability goals we are looking to achieve.

This is just the start of the adventure

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